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So, you all must be familiar with the term “Shrimp”, I mean who doesn’t know these crappy looking Arthropods. You all must have definitely seen them or even heard about them unless you are living in the freezing mountains of Himalayas or a remote village in Africa or some other isolated place, I mean who doesn’t know about these crappy looking Arthropods. In the recent times, these creatures serve as a day-to-day ingredient for us. In fact, they are utilized to prepare several different types of amazing, sapid and luscious dishes. Most of which are considered to be very delightful and luxurious.

That’s all a brief summary but there’s still a lot to discuss about these unique see creatures. For this reason, we’ve tried to compile all the lucrative facts and essential information that is crucial to be known by the human of current era (Us). We’ve also provided answers of numerous commonly asked questions that our readers are usually seeking to get. So, there’s much to be gained in this article therefore let’s dive into it:

Q. What Rock-shrimps actually are?

Okay! Starting from the very beginning, Rock shrimps are actually deep-water dwelling arthropods that are usually found swaying in the deep-ocean or sometimes near the Shores. These alluring yet vicious looking arthropods are also known as Sicyonia brevirostris.

Although these Rock shrimps are cousins of different Pink, brown and white shrimp but surprisingly the similarities are just limited! The history of these matchless creatures goes back to a very old time, when the only human that was familiar with them were fishermen. The reason for this is quite understandable, and that is because long before their habitat was mostly and usually was in reach of fishermen who were used to travel and sail long distances in the sea and therefore most people living in the cities were unaware of these mystic creature. But here’s also another valid reason and that is, being hard as rocks these rock shrimps were very hard to clean, there rigid shell was not easy to be broken down by anyone and the only persons that was familiar with this task was fishermen.

Nowadays, machines have made the job easy and this is absolutely the basic reason why Rock shrimps are widely accessible now!

Q. Why they are known as Rock-shrimps?

The answer for this question is quite plain and simple, we usually use to denote and name things based on their physical appearance and qualities likewise, these Rock-shrimps have been named due to their rigid, hard to break and firm shell that they have which cannot be easily pierced.

Q. For what Rock-shrimps are unique for?

However, there are a lot of things for what these shrimps are considered to be unique but the most surprising fact is that these hard-shrimps tastes just like a usual “lobster”. Isn’t it surprising but there’s much more and that is these shrimps have their shell arranged just as one of a large lobster and just looks like a miniature lobster. It is just Unique!!

Q. Rock-shrimps in the recent times:

In the present times, rock-shrimps are easily and commercially available in different sizes, textures and forms. The modification in the processing method has dramatically changed and affected the scenario. Rock-shrimps are available as both fresh and frozen, with crown or without and pierced or actual.

Moreover, they are also imported in different countries making them available in the lands where they are not found. So, it is something you can find with a little effort.

Q. How to peel Shrimps cover?

Maybe somehow you got an unpeeled rock-shrimp now what to do. Well! The easiest and most recommended way that I have tried to pierce their exoskeleton is by using kitchen Shears. Yes, it is the most accessible way. Just push it a little deep and just remove the skeleton. Now some of you might be wondering to do this with a knife, so let me repeat something: “It is a ROCK-SHRIMP”. Means it will be difficult to just cut their shell with a regular knife also the knife may slip out and can harm you as well. So be careful when doing such experiments.

Q. How to cook them?

Humm! No wonder, rock-shrimps are a great appetizing animal to have as a dinner or as a core dish. I have tried them several times and have always found massive pleasure and joy eating them. It’s a dish that I mostly try for my guests.

Now, when it comes to cooking a shrimp there are several ways to do it. I have listed some of the most ideal, easy and lucrative ones:

  1. Fried (Yumm! Fry in oil and garnish it with lemon).
  2. Grilled (Just grill it and enjoy with your favorite chilies).
  3. Boiled (Cooking in warm water).
  4. Roasted (To roast on a skillet with some butter on it).
  5. Marinated (To coat with spices and then cook).
  6. Steamed. (Cooking on high steam).

So these were some of the most ideal and easy way to cook your shrimp. I hope you enjoyed this article and gained a lot from it. Now the only step remained is to grab some rock-shrimps and get particle. CHEERS!!

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