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White grape juice is made from green grapes and tastes similar to Niagara grapes. Grapes are full of antioxidants which are very good for our health. Research has shown that grapes are good for the heart and help lower blood pressure. Antioxidants also help us fight some major diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer’s.
A glass of white grape juice contains plenty of vitamins that meet 100% of our daily vitamin C needs.


  • White grape juice: 3 1/2 cups (Chilled)
  • Lemon or Lime soda: 4 2/3 (Chilled)
  • Green Grapes: For garnish
  • Skewers: For garnish
white grape juice


  1. Take a pitcher and combine white grape juice and soda.
  2. Pour into chilled glasses. Garnish by threading grapes onto skewers and placing them on each glass.
  3. Serve and enjoy the chilling and refreshing drink.

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