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If you want to enjoy the fresh taste of oranges and fruity, sweet taste of strawberries, you will need to try the strawberry sunrise, each sip of which is full of freshness.
Grenadine gives it its distinctive red color, which feels like the rising sun, hence the name Strawberry Sunrise.
We hope you enjoy the strawberries and make your evening even more exciting with the strawberry sunrise.


  • Creme de Fraise: 2-ounces
  • Orange juice: 4-ounces
  • Grenadine: 1/2 ounces


  1. Put orange juice and cream de-fries in a glass. Throw a grenade over the drink, it will sink under the drink, causing a red spot to appear like the sunrise.
  2. Put on a straw and enjoy fresh strawberry sunrise.

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