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Jungle Juice Recipe is an Easy to make Party punch within budget. You can quickly make even upto 5 gallons of Juice for any event which suits.


  • 2 gallons orange-flavored drink
  • 4 quarts pink lemonade
  • 2 (46 fluid ounce) cans fruit punch
  • 4 quarts pineapple and orange juice blend
  • 2 (750 milliliter) bottles white rum
  • 4 (750 milliliter) bottles vodka

How to make Jungle Juice?

You have to put all in a big container and mix everything well. Good Jungle Juice is made with fruits instead of juices mixed with alcoholic beverages.

What is Jungle Juice?

Jungle juice is the cocktail recipe made cheap especially for big or small parties. During Worldwar II the American soldiers started making this beverage while staying in jungles with the available resources and hence the name Jungle Juice.

How long should we keep after making to use it?

You can use it immediately. But I prefer keeping it overnight before using it. This is especially require when you use fresh oranges and lemon instead of juice for flavor.

How long does jungle juice last in the fridge

Ideal is overnight keeping in fridge. But if there is some balance you can keep it for 6-7 Days without any problem.

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