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No matter what the season it is? Juices are something everyone enjoys and welcomes with an open arm. Similarly, I am also a big fan of such these liquids. Along with several different health benefits it also helps us Cherish and Relish the condition. Offering a whole range of customization and flavors, juices are a great source of enjoyment for us. No doubt, they fill our lives with countless flavors and limitless tastes.

Likewise, today I have featured one such type of astonishing juice that not only holds the capability to engage and charm it’s users with its splendid taste, but also offers a whole bunch of stunning and surprising health benefits. No wonder it is the all-famous “Blood-orange and carrot juice” but with a slightly different style, a more easier and quicker one.

What advantages do they offer?

Well juices are popularly known for their surprising health benefits that they offer. In fact, most people choose to go for this option in sequence to treat their mild medical problems or just simply to take care of their health. Being all natural, juices are intensely packed with nutrients and minerals that in some way serve as the key-factor of our body, such as different vitamins, fibers carbohydrates and Glucose.

Although there are countless thing to mention about juices but, in this article we’ll only highlight about the major benefits of “Blood-orange and carrot juice” specifically. So have a look at them:

1. Helps in hydration

As the summer is at its peak, such these types of liquid solution not only enhance our taste but also help us in getting a boost of hydration. Containing water as their major composition these juices are full of moisture and when taken prevents our body from being getting dehydrated. Hydration is something that is severely important for our body in order to carry out all the chemical reactions, such as metabolism and even respiration. It also helps us keep our skin fresh and therefore its importance cannot be neglected.

2. Supplies a boost of vitamins:

Juices such as this one “Blood-orange and carrot juice” are crowded with numerous vitamins, essential for different body parts. In this juice, carrot not only mesmerizes its consumers with its taste but it also a great source of Vitamin-A, something that is crucially important for our eyes.

3. Excellent for detoxification of body:

You may have heard of term “Detox”, it is also getting trendy nowadays. It basically means to define to completely eliminate toxic elements and factors from the body using Organic equipments and ingredients. It is also greatly important for human being like us living in a massively toxic environment and to clean junk inside on a regular basis. This task is effectively performed by citric acid. A substance that is adequately present in oranges, especially Blood-oranges. Citric acid is also known for it’s anti-aging properties and therefore it is widely appreciated.

4. Helps strengthen the immunity:

In days like present, immunity is something that is a deep desire of everyone therefore drinking such juices and liquids that are filled with natural healing and strong substances can help us out in improving our immunity.

Anyway, these were some major benefits of drinking “Orange and carrot juice” and are therefore highly appreciated by me. Let’s take a look at how its done.



  • 3 blood Oranges, freshly harvested (if possible).
  • 3 clementines or tangerines.
  • 2 medium-sized carrots, chopped into large cubes.


  1. Start off by scrubbing the carrots. You don’t have to peel the skin instead just rub the outer-layer with a sharp knife.
  2. When using a juicer, make sure to insert the oranges first. When the oranges gets completely sucked. Gradually, start adding the chopped carrots slices in it.
  3. Pour out the prepared juice in a large jug or bowl.
  4. Fill a glass with some ice-cubes and then pour the juice over it. Make sure to strain the juice before pouring in case to remove any extra fiber in the juice.
  5. Put a straw and Relish!!

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