Sushi Hayakawa

Sushi Hayakawa

Sushi Hayakawa (鮨処はや川) one of the finest and traditional Restaurants in the United States. Located on the famous international food Mall of Buford Highway, this restaurant is a serenely designed space that gives a unique experience to guests. Chef Atsushi Hayakawa curates the finest fish selection in Atlanta, sourcing our offerings from Tokyo’s Toyosu market and all over the globe.

Frech fries

Corona Quarantine cravings: Top 10 Orders to Uber Eats in America

After declaring emergency due to Outbreak of Novel Corona virus in US & Canada, Food Delivery service has increased more than 30%. During this restaurant restrictions Food establishments started signing to Uber more than 10 times. French fries Chicken tikka masala Burrito bowl Waffle fries Pad Thai Chicken sandwich Spicy tuna roll Fried chicken Crab …

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Chicken and waffles

Chicken and Waffles Cereal

Chicken and waffles cereal has been recently introduced by POST. Post does release some innovative cereal flavors for us to enjoy. You should also try Maple Bacon Donuts Cereal along with this which was introduced with this. It’s nothing but Honey bunches of Oats shaped differently. There are Chicken drumstick shaped small cubes of cereal …

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