Chicken Wings Fried Rice: Spicy Recipe To Make Your Dinner Grand

The wings are a classic of Southeast Asia, making appearances in traditional Thai, Hmong, Cambodian, and Vietnamese cooking. In Chicken Wings Fried Rice, the filling is enveloped by a boneless chicken wing, as if it were a sausage casing. When you bite into it, your teeth snap through the crispy chicken skin and you taste […]

Ham and Lentil Soup Recipe

Ham and Lentil soup

Ham and Lentil Soup is an Ideal Dinner soup everybody will enjoy. It can makeup with leftover Lunch Ham into a nice Dinner soup. Family can enjoy with cruchy French bread.

Diver Scallops with Red and Golden Baby Beets

diver scallops with red and golden baby beets

Diver Scallops with Red and Golden Baby Beets is the sweet combination of Scallops with Beets. When you cook Red and Golden beets cook them in separate bags as described so as to maintain their individual colors.

Sous Vide Scallops

Sous Vide Scallops

Sous Vide Scallops are quick and easy to cook delicious food. It is realy addictive if you love the recipe.

Chili by George Recipe

Chili by George

Chili by George Recipe was developed by George Couch. It’s easy to prepare and perfect dish for weekday dinner. It can be cooked with stove or Instant Pot or Other slow cooker.

Bracciole: Step by Step tutorial to Make Flank Steak Roll

Bracciole is pronounced as “brah-zhol” and not “brak-e-olee.” Bracciole may look complicated but its easy to cook and Healthy recipe. This article will give you step by step tutorial on making this. Ingredients 2 pounds round or flank steak (ask the butcher to cut beef thin for bracciole, pound with mallet so that the meat is evenly […]