Rellenos De papa-One bite balls

These one-bite, crispy amazeballs are just an splendid combination of spice and brisk.
Having it’s origin from mexico these Rellenos de papa balls are loaded with tons of toothsome taste and flavor, something that your taste buds are eagerly waiting for! So, why not today? Just follow our simple, quick and yet easy method that will lead you to your desired terminus….!

Sopa de Tortilla

Sopa de Tortilla

Sopa de Tortilla (Tortilla soup) is a Mexican soup made with dried tortilla strips, seasoned with chicken broth, salted and peppered. It is served with chiles pasillas, avocado, and small pieces of fresh cheese. Traditionally, it was made by cooking chicken broth with fried tomatoes, onions, and garlic and served with fried tortilla strips.Rich in …

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Chiles Toreados

Great as a side dish and plausible appetizer these unique “Chilies Toreados” are a perfect Mexican delight that not only boost the flavor of the core dish but also spreads spice in the mouth and therefore a must try for celebration parties and events. Although there are no tight limits and surely you can eat …

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Carne en su Jugo

Carne en su Jugo (Meat in its Juices)

Carne en su Jugo is a concentrated broth of beef meat finely diced flavoured with tomatillos, garlic , Chicken bouillon and served with bean and bacon. This recipe is from the State of Jalisco, where it is very popular and one of the most famous dishes from that State. Jalisco’s main city is Guadalajara, the State Capital, also known as the “Pearl of the West” which is one of the largest cities in Latin America.