Nutty buddy ice-cream- A revolutionary method

What about trying something unique this summer? Unique like this fablous and magnificent Nutty buddy ice-cream. Well! If you are Fully-fledged than this is absolutely a term that was used to dwell in your mind. Fortunately! We’ve featured this for you. So, must try it out.

Uncle terry’s Meat

Well! The name itself is a little mysterious or concealed to most of you reading this. It’s is quite dedicated to a specific person named “Uncle Terry”. Speaking honestly! I don’t even know the reason behind this term but what I can mention distinctly is that this recipe is just a glories, superb and yet simple way to cook meat.

Bob Evans sausage gravy- An easy one

An absolute glowing star recipe that is just incredible to neglect! In accordance with this, we’ve successfully featured Bob Evans well-famed “Sausage gravy”. Must attempt! It’s surely worth it.

Energizing Home-made mango nectar

Tired of these hot scorching days? How about being blessed by some mangoes?
In accordance with this, we’ve featured one of the most demanded and relishing summer drink recipe, “The mango nectar”. Along with its ease of creation it just only requires few simple ingredients to make it. So how about now! Just grab them up and get along with us. ENJOY!



Scab is a piece of meat derived from pork carcass, and is usually roasted, but can also be cooked through baking and smoking. Sausage products are obtained from scab. It is stored cold or frozen after cleaning and removing any moisture to avoid mold attack. Pork is a source of many vital nutrients. It’s an […]

What are Rock Shrimp and what can be done from them?

So, you all must be familiar with the term “Shrimp”, I mean who doesn’t know these crappy looking Arthropods. You all must have definitely seen them or even heard about them unless you are living in the freezing mountains of Himalayas or a remote village in Africa or some other isolated place, I mean who […]

Blood Orange and carrot juice

No matter what the season it is? Juices are something everyone enjoys and welcomes with an open arm. Similarly, I am also a big fan of such these liquids. Along with several different health benefits it also helps us Cherish and Relish the condition. Offering a whole range of customization and flavors, juices are a […]

Apple Soda

Finally, here it is the most desired and demanded summer recipe. Surely it is the luscious and splendid Apple Soda. Now! This recipe is a little bit modified and is definitely a fresh form of its previous traditional version. But what’s great here is that this chilling delightful recipe is just a work of minutes […]


Well! Who don’t like eating an energizing and healthy snack after long, stressful working hours. I mean who don’t but the reason most people don’t is simply that these snacks usually require a lot of time and expertise and simply can’t be made just quickly. If you are a victim of such scenario or you […]

Red Chicken

As indicated by its name “Red Chicken” is just something that indicates and something intensely spicy and incredible. Not only this, it also void a special feeling of pleasure and happiness and this is definitely something that I have been creating for a long time and no wonder my guest and friends always have a […]