Quesadill salvadorena

Quesadilla Salvadorena

Doubtlessly, it is a perfect feasting dessert for any various party, event or family celebrations. It’s certainly because it’s moist, soft and spongy texture not only melts in mouth but it also opens up with a bunch full of joy and happiness.

Hong Kong Noodles

Hong Kong Noodles

Hong Kong noodles are pan-fried noodles with mushrooms, vegetables like celery, spring onions, and meat like a chicken. It’s the most popular dish in Hong Kong. Hong Kong noodles usually cooked in broth. It so popular among Hong Kong that it’s considered the national dish of Hong Kong. Noodles are kept crispy for an extra …

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Spicy Hand Roll

Spicy Hand Roll

In Spicy Hand Roll, the whole filling gets wrapped inside a Noori sheet. Nori is the Japanese name of an edible seaweed. It is made with seaweed by shredding and pressing into sheet. It’s used mostly in Japanese Cuisine.In Spicy Hand Rolls Recipe, rice and tuna is rolled inside the Nori sheet topped with a …

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grilled chicken sandwich

Grilled Chicken Sandwich

Grilled Chicken Sandwich is a popular evening snack made by wrapping food filling between the fold of bun or bread. It’s also a popular lunch and picnic food as well. The history traces back to 18th Century Europe. Sandwich gained popularity in the 19th Century as a portable, fast, and inexpensive meal.

Peanut Butter Crackers

Crackers are the most favorite food among kids. Peanut Butter Crackers are crunchy, sweet, healthy, and yummy. It’s a favorite travel snack as well and you can preserve it for a relatively longer period than any other snack. This is a healthy substitute for snack food and it’s liked by most of the kids. Calories …

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