Italian Fontina Fonduta

Ever been to Italy? If yes! Then great, but if the response is negative then congratulations! You may enjoy its most desired feast at your home. Now! In sequence to eliminate the confusion let me tell you what is the wonder that I am actually talking about is. Well! It’s definitely the most distinguished Italian drink “Italian fountain Fonduta”. Tastes just as exceptional as it sounds and this can be only proved by trying this gorgeous masterpiece.

Uncle terry’s Meat

Well! The name itself is a little mysterious or concealed to most of you reading this. It’s is quite dedicated to a specific person named “Uncle Terry”. Speaking honestly! I don’t even know the reason behind this term but what I can mention distinctly is that this recipe is just a glories, superb and yet simple way to cook meat.

Bob Evans sausage gravy- An easy one

An absolute glowing star recipe that is just incredible to neglect! In accordance with this, we’ve successfully featured Bob Evans well-famed “Sausage gravy”. Must attempt! It’s surely worth it.

Blackened Swordfish

blackened swordfish

Swordfish are also known as broadbills because of their long, flat, and pointed bills. The body of the swordfish is long and round and it loses its teeth and scales in its adulthood. It is found extensively in the tropical regions of the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans.Swordfish is an excellent source of selenium that […]

What are Rock Shrimp and what can be done from them?

So, you all must be familiar with the term “Shrimp”, I mean who doesn’t know these crappy looking Arthropods. You all must have definitely seen them or even heard about them unless you are living in the freezing mountains of Himalayas or a remote village in Africa or some other isolated place, I mean who […]

Red Chicken

As indicated by its name “Red Chicken” is just something that indicates and something intensely spicy and incredible. Not only this, it also void a special feeling of pleasure and happiness and this is definitely something that I have been creating for a long time and no wonder my guest and friends always have a […]

Spice Rubbed Shell Steaks

Steaks! No wonder are a perfect dish to celebrate special moments or to enhance the joy of a regular holiday afternoon. However! they just always taste exceptional, whenever or wherever taken . But when they get combined with enormous number of luscious spices and gets roasted till tender, they just simply become a must attempt […]

Pad Thai Quinoa Bowl

Being packed with countless amusing experiences and offering endless joy, Thailand is a land of true wonder for devoted nature lovers and interest seekers. Not surprisingly, its exceptional beauty is a perfect and complete source of mesmerizing and Fascinating. But the story doesn’t ends here, In fact there’s still something else that is considered as […]

Prosciutto Cotto and what can we make from it?

Ever had been to Italy? You may have heard of the term Prosciutto Cotto, if not you have heard it now. Now what is of importance here is that most people are not yet aware with the idea of what this thing actually is? What can we do from it? In what ways it can […]

Steamed PEI Mussels

Have you ever wondered what P.E.I stands for, then you can ask this from your Canadian friend. Well! If you don’t have yet, it’s generally an abbreviation for “Prince Edward Island” a major principal province in Canada. No doubt, it is severely, widely and extremely famous for its mesmerizing landscapes and matchless beauty but there’s […]