Uncle terry’s Meat

Well! The name itself is a little mysterious or concealed to most of you reading this. It’s is quite dedicated to a specific person named “Uncle Terry”. Speaking honestly! I don’t even know the reason behind this term but what I can mention distinctly is that this recipe is just a glories, superb and yet simple way to cook meat.

Red Chicken

As indicated by its name “Red Chicken” is just something that indicates and something intensely spicy and incredible. Not only this, it also void a special feeling of pleasure and happiness and this is definitely something that I have been creating for a long time and no wonder my guest and friends always have a …

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Jasmine brown rice

Jasmine Brown Rice

Jasmine rice belongs to long grain fragrant rice. Its fragrance resembles Pandan (A plant used to flavor cosines in Southeast Asia and South Asia) and popcorn. This fragrance is due to the natural production of a compound 2-acetyl-1-pyrroline. Jasmine rice usually is grown in Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam. Brown Jasmine rice is a good …

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Pork brisket

Pork Brisket

Brisket is a piece of meat from the breast section of the animal. It’s usually tough and boneless. Pork brisket is the meat that comes from the lower shoulder of the pig.



Pashtet or Pate in French is a baked paste or pie of meat especially the liver. It can be served hot but its flavor touches the peaks when served after 3-4 hours refrigeration. Lots of variations can be made by using ingredients like ground meat from pork, poultry, fish, or beef, vegetables, herbs, and spices.