Pioneer women chocolate pie

For all the choco freaks out there! Here’s a surprise for you, a striking one.
Luckily, we have featured one of the most fabulous and yet easy to make desert “Pioneer women Chocolate pie”. Works plausible as a welcoming dish or some other celebration desert.
You will surely fall in love with this tempting pie at first bite. We call it “the chocolate pie love at first bite”. ENJOY!

Jamaican apple

Jamaican Apple

Jamaican Apple is known by many different names around the world. It’s known as Rose Apple, Malay Apple, or Otaheite Apple. This specie is native to Malesia and Australia. Its taste might be bland, tangy, or very sweet. It is red, shiny, and juicy with a pear-like shape.

Curry and Cake

Curry and Cake

Curry and cake, what comes to mind? Yes, that’s right Cake with the perfect blend of Curry. Curry and cake is a cake beyond your imagination. With each bite, you’ll enjoy the curry paste twist, the ginger syrup blend, and the peanut crunch. Below is a detailed recipe for curry and cake from scratch. You …

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Brazo Gitano

Brazo Gitano

Brazo Gitano means “Gypsy’s Arm”. It is a Spanish dessert and is also known as “Spanish Cake Rolls”. It is a sponge cake roll filled with whipped cream, jam, or icing. It is popular at teatime or as a dessert. It’s a filling dessert and keeps you feel filling longer. It is a healthy snack …

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Quesadill salvadorena

Quesadilla Salvadorena

Doubtlessly, it is a perfect feasting dessert for any various party, event or family celebrations. It’s certainly because it’s moist, soft and spongy texture not only melts in mouth but it also opens up with a bunch full of joy and happiness.

Cambozola Cheese

Cambozola Cheese

Cambozola cheese is a cow’s milk cheese made by using two bacteria Penicillium camemberti and blue Penicillium roqueforti mould. Extra cream is added for more consistency. Cambozola cheese is mild in taste than Gorgonzola pittance and it is smooth and creamy in texture. Cambozola cheese is rich in calcium so it helps to improve bone …

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