Homemade Mini bagels- Quick and simple

You may have definitely eaten bagels before, I mean you must until you are living somewhere in some nowhere district of unknown town or any such remote place. Basically, that’s not the focal point of this paper, instead in this article I am going to show you some simple and yet effective steps that you can easily implement to prepare these lovely looking, Sesame seeds topped mini-bagels.

Blood Orange and carrot juice

No matter what the season it is? Juices are something everyone enjoys and welcomes with an open arm. Similarly, I am also a big fan of such these liquids. Along with several different health benefits it also helps us Cherish and Relish the condition. Offering a whole range of customization and flavors, juices are a […]

Mediterranean Vegetable Cake

Well! Truthfully it’s definitely not something I would rush to eat nor will I leave the plausible slice of the majestic “Jamaican Banana bread” to eat this in fact I try to avoid this to a possible extent. But just wait here, I mean not everyone just thinks like me nor everyone has the same […]

Mott’s applesauce wreaths

Ta da! So here it is the most welcomed, desired and requested Mott’s applesauce recipe. Great for an evening summer snack or on a snowy Christmas night. These applesauce wreaths are just plausible whenever eaten and also offer numerous health benefits. But aside their versatility, do you know what the best part is? Their easy […]

Tri-Tip Sandwich

Tri-Tip Sandwich

The tri-tip below is a triangular cut from the bottom Sirloin subprime cut. Untrimmed, it weighs 5 pounds. This piece of meat is known by several names such as “Newport Stack”, “Santa Maria Stack”, “Triangle Tip”, and “Triangle Stack”.Tri-tops can be cooked in a number of ways, either by cutting them into stacks, as a […]

Duck liver Pâté

Perfect as a nutritious morning fuel and a flavorful evening snack, this Duck liver pate is an all-time favorite dish of different eras and is chiefly used as a breakfast spread or a side meal. The origin of pate goes back to the mid-18th century when French people first invented the use of spreads and […]

Pink Puffed Rice Cereals Recipe

Humm! These sticky and gummy puffed cereals smack just incredible in mouth. The “pink puffed rice cereals” are definitely kid’s favorite and works great when given as a lunch or snack. However, there are no restrictions for adults and they can also enjoy them as a day starter or can use them as a regular […]

Alton Brown Crepes

Alton Brown Crepes

Alton Brown is an American television personality, food show presenter and a famous chef. He’s famous for different combinations and creation of new recipes.Crepe is a type of very thin pancake. It’s a popular recipe all over the world and you can fill them with almost anything. There are usually two types of crepes, sweet […]

Torrejas Recipe


Torrejas is the American version of French Toast. It’s made by frying bread soaked in milk or eggs. It’s served as a sweet dish. They are known in Latin America with the same name or slightly different names.

Anago Sushi

Anago Sushi

Anago Sushi is the Japanese traditional Sushi made with Anago (Seawater Eel). Anago is often mistaken for their freshwater counter part called Unagi. Anago is always cooked and never served raw like unagi in sushi. Many times we prepare a broth by repeated cooking and is used instead of soy sauce called Tsume. Tsume is […]